Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Candice Pool Neistat

Candice Pool Neistat on being a Texan, running two companies, and coping with parenthood.

Brett Heyman

The Edie Parker founder on learning from mistakes, branching out into cannabis, and smoking just for the fun of it.


The singer and Slug Global co-founder on vintage electronics, homegrown weed, and navigating pandemic motherhood.

Benjamin Dickinson

The filmmaker on modern science fiction, escaping fundamentalism, and getting arrested for weed.

Bee Nguyen

The founder of Grand Tactics on youth culture, working with your significant other, and keeping the faith.

Audrey Louise Reynolds

The designer and artisanal dyer who creates color from all-natural ingredients she forages herself—seaweed, soil, squid, to name a few—on the importance of sustainable fashion, the physical effects of pigments,...

Ashley Alese Edwards

On the unhealthiness of journalism, beauty pageants, and the wonder of edibles.

Arpana Rayamajhi

The Nepalese artist on high art, the Hippie Trail, and people from small places doing big things.

Arissa Hall

The National Bail Out director on finding her political identity, freeing Black mamas, and helping those who help.

Ariel Stark-Benz

The founder of Mister Green on the Portland he grew up in, L.A. commutes, and what it's really like to start your own business.


The co-founder of one of New York's premiere delivery services on capitalism, dating while dealing, and creating a safe space in cannabis for queer people of color.

Annika Hansteen-Izora

The creative director on Black internet culture, queer design, and the commodification of self-care.

Anne Alexander

The producer and director on respecting bad tattoos, not-so-fine dining, and learning to understand the nature of relationships.

Anna Z Gray

The model and writer on digging for vintage, not being a diva, and microdosing mushrooms.

Anja Charbonneau

The Broccoli founder on making big things with a small team, being careful with CBD, and Portland pride.

Anand Giridharadas

The writer on the rot of elite do-gooders, finding a rare silver lining, and why he needs a good drug story.

Allison Bagg

Instagram's trippiest creator on fame in the age of the Internet, her past lives, and the wonders of walking.

Allie X

The singer-songwriter on deflecting attention, cannabis remedies, and appreciating a slower world.

Allie Pisarro-Grant

The co-founder of New York’s Alcove on solving puzzles, the spectrum of sobriety, and why smokeware should be its own category of home goods.

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