Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Alexander Farnsworth

The dispensary owner on being queer in Utah, hotel balconies, and lessons from his great, great uncle.

Alex Capano

The cannabinoid expert (and brains behind our formulations) on the opioid crisis, terpenes, and getting a weed doctorate.

Ajani Russell

The Betty star on bringing her own stories to the screen, the complexity of cannabis, and making art in quarantine.

Adrienne Maree Brown

The writer on organizing in Detroit, how to combat in-fighting, and smoking dollar bills.

Adem Bunkeddeko and Tsion Lencho

The Democratic Congressional candidate and the cofounder of Supernova Women talk politics and family over a couple slices of pie.

Adam Pally

The actor on finding love young, the allure of weed tech, and surviving your greatest fears.

Alex Proba

The multidisciplinary artist on not being a dentist, pillows as self-care, and visuals while high.

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Jess Damuck

The Salad Freak author on cooking for Martha Stewart , smoking with Snoop Dogg, and growing up on Shelter Island.

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We’ve all heard of runner’s high, the state of bliss that naturally occurs while exercising, and more specifically running. It’s a feeling athletes literally spend their lives chasing.

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