Adam Pally

The actor on finding love young, the allure of weed tech, and surviving your greatest fears.


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I don’t love talking about myself. I’m okay doing it, but I always feel the tinge of missing humility. I understand that people would be interested because of my situation, because I’m a known quantity. Interviews don’t just happen, you know? Usually there’s a focus to it and a thing you’ve been out there selling or whatever. It would be a lie to say that you don’t feel some sort of sense of responsibility to perform. I always feel like I have the regret of having to sell myself to someone. I’m always like, “I’m so sorry you have to sit through this.” 

My parents were performers. My dad was really young when he had me, and I have memories of him in med school, but before that he and my mom were in a band that would tour the Catskills. It was vaudeville. They would play Kutshers and places like that. My dad would be on piano and my mom would be lying on top of it, singing.