High Praise

Our editor picks of the best, most compelling, and shop-worthy products, experiences, and reads around.

The Best Bit

Plus chili pepper candles, black pools, and paradise in Provence.

Sardinian Donkeys

Plus sheetcake strains, dessert delivery, and a homework assignment.

Puff Puff Van Winkle

Plus Merlin, Paul Newman, and John Early.

Pink Moments

Plus Andre Agassi, Indonesian ice cream, and Borscht Belt Fest.

MDMA (No, Not Dr. Massachusetts)

Plus salsa, chili, and paella.

Maui Wowie

Plus toucan lamps, oil-drenched pita, and Fred again.


Plus a return from Rikers, feral tank tops, and SisterS.

Higher Ground

Edward Hopper, pies, and bucatini bowls.


Riddles. Plus catchalls, carousels, and cozy bong covers.

The Best Potato Chip

Plus Bruce Banner, books, and bonsai.

Cowboy Boot Pipe

Plus Georgia Pie, banana bread, and mushroom chocolates.

Tickets to a Meltdown

Plus chihuahua sledding, a chocolate problem, and AI-generated animals.

Ghosts and Monsters

Plus Lucky Jewel, Yukihiro Takahashi, and Zadie Smith.

Name a Roach

Plus fleas, flechazo, and tangrams.

Devil Driver

Plus Big Swiss, Frutero, and Chinese Dialects.

Ten-Toed Ashtrays

Plus paletitas, posters, and Mister Green.

What's in a (Strain) Name?

Plus million dollar shots, Christina Pérez, and Fugues.͏

Meowy Jane

Plus salteñas, Mortal Kombucha, and great granola.  

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Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW