Plus a return from Rikers, feral tank tops, and SisterS.

JUNE 17TH, 2023

Halo by Rebelle

Each pump of this weed-infused spray from Massachusetts-based dispensary Rebelle nets you one milligram of THC, making it the perfect purse or pocket companion as you go about your day. It’s also a great party favor, particularly if you stock up on the Luster variety. I spent my birthday spritzing it willy-nilly into friends’ mouths and everyone was happier for it. -VvP

I just spent 5 months on Rikers Island, ask me anything!

The horrific conditions at Rikers Island are well documented, but this Ask Me Anything with a recently released individual still managed to shock, appall, and educate me. And while you won’t find much hopeful news here, this anonymous former inmate’s excellent writing skills make for an impactful and, dare I say, fascinating read. -DW

Praying FERAL Tank Top

I've been thinking about this tank top ever since I saw it, and now it's on sale! Ideal apparel if you’re having a “rat girl summer,” and my personal way to pivot from exclusively wearing Hanes children’s undershirts all July (hopefully). -PR


Can’t believe I’m doing free advertising for the New York Times, but here I am. Their new game, Connections, has potential. It works a different part of your brain than Wordle or Tiles (one of my favorites) and requires you to find common threads for different sets of words. Some are funny, some are scientific, but all have been a bit too easy for my liking. We’ll see how it goes, but so far, not bad. -DW

Le chant de la Terre et des Étoiles by Luzmila Carpio

I can’t remember when I first heard Luzmila Carpio’s music. I would say that for many Bolivians, it has just always been there, playing somewhere in the background. Sung in both Quechua and Spanish, Carpio’s unique and characteristic falsetto blends with the pitch of Andean lutes, along with breathy woodwinds, guitars, and even birds, to capture the sounds of the Andes in a way both comforting and eerie. As one of the first (and few) indigenous Bolivians to rise to fame—Rolling Stone has called her South America’s most prolific indigenous artist—I was fascinated with her life story as a teen but hadn’t listened in a while. I was reminded of her very particular and familiar sound while at a viewing of the movie Utama (another recommendation), which included her song “Kuntur Mallku.” Reminiscent at times of the Cocteau Twins or Kate Bush, it’s not the smoothest music to throw in your average shuffle and may call for a more patient listen. Her album Le chant de la Terre et des Étoilesremains a favorite—especially in the early morning hours when it almost seems to meld with the birdsongs outside. -PR


If you’re looking for something to scratch the post-Barry itch, may I recommend SisterS? Written by and starring Sarah Goldberg (whom you might remember from our Conversation in Volume Two) and her real-life best friend Susan Stanley, the comedy follows two newly discovered half-sisters on a road trip across Ireland in a beaten-up ice cream truck. I binged half of it on my flight back from Greece last week and can’t wait to finish the rest. -VvP