Plus catchalls, carousels, and cozy bong covers.

OCTOBER 1, 2022

Riddles by Royal Key Organics

I was introduced to this California-based cultivator by one of the founders of Rose, who uses Royal Key flower for some of their Delights. Yesterday evening, I helped myself to a couple hits of one of their pre-rolls before heading out on a sunset stroll and I’m here to share the good news: Royal Key’s Riddles is the goldilocks of weed strains. It’s elevating but not anxiety inducing, relaxing without leaving you sluggish, and offers the kind of potent but clear-as-a-bell high I dream about. Later that evening, I found myself singing along to Zach Bryan’s rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” while tending to a pot of Amatriciana sauce (reply to this email if you want the recipe), and as far as I’m concerned, that song could have been written about Riddles. -VvP

Play Time

The New York City Ballet, whose ‘22/‘23 season opened September 20th, just celebrated its 10th Fall Fashion Gala. The event also premiered choreographer Gianna Reisen’s new piece Play Time, which is part of the NYCB II program and features an original soundtrack by Solange Knowles, as well as costumes designed by Alejandro Gómez Palomo of Palomo Spain (whose collections I’ve adoringly followed for years). In other words, my dream. I just grabbed tickets, but they’re going fast—you can find them here. -PR

Cozy Bong Cover by Cannastyle

It’s officially October, which means the cardigans come out, coffee goes from iced to hot, and bumpy gourds turn up everywhere. It also, apparently, means it’s time to winterize your smoking accessories. This Cozy Bong Cover from Cannastyle cracked me up when I first saw it. As Verena said, “I cannot think of a reason I would ever use this,” and yet I find myself drawn to its cleverness and absurdity. I also worry about its flammability, but whatever. Handmade in Brooklyn, there were unfortunately only 10 produced and sold, but if enough of us add ourselves to the waitlist, perhaps they’ll bring it back in time for snow. -DW

50% Off Sale at Cactus Store

Cactus Store’s New York location closes for the season tomorrow night, so until then all plants are half-off. Their clothes—which I’m obsessed with—and their pots—not the fun kind—are also 20% off. Picking up a little greenery before winter sets in (and the bong jacket comes out) is always a good idea. -DW

Laundry Day

I’ve long been a fan of Laundry Day’s thoughtfully designed and aesthetically minded accessories, and have included them in High Praise a number of times, so apologies for yet another endorsement. But in tandem with some new product launches, Laundry Day has debuted a new industrially-driven visual direction, which feels particularly fresh amidst a sea of jewel-toned glass. I’m excited to get my hands on a couple items from their Cube collection, but their Silo grinder would make a great gift for the smoker in your life who’s been bored stiff by the proliferation of cutesy colored pieces. -VvP

Perfectly Imperfect

I’m always in the market for new things—ideas, books, recipes, clothes, music, essays, you name it—which means my newsletter stack is pretty robust. I have my go-tos for each category, but if you want a charmingly lo-fi and personality-driven steady drip of discovery, Perfectly Imperfect is it. Each installment offers 5 to 10 recommendations from a different person, sometimes famous, sometimes not, that at least appear to be refreshingly free of spon-con. If you need a sampling, it’s hard to beat Kaitlin Phillips’ wide-ranging and extremely esoteric suggestions or How Long Gone host—and the subject of this week’s Conversation—Jason Stewart’s surprisingly pragmatic picks. I know there are a lot of newsletters out there, but if you’re truly inundated, just give their Instagram a follow. That way you can tap in if and when someone really catches your eye. -VvP

SeaGlass Carousel

When I came across a video of the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park while on a stoned scroll through TikTok, I immediately thought, I can’t be that high, right? Swirling around in a giant iridescent fiberglass fish illuminated with LED lights meant to mimic deep sea bioluminescence is now at the top of my list of rainy day activities for the weekend. (It’s also a perfect spot to microdose.) -PR

Zweet Sour Belts

I don’t know what it is about the stocking process behind NYC bodegas, but every so often, a product appears out of nowhere and rockets from relative obscurity to urban ubiquity. Zweet is one of those things. Seemingly overnight, their oversized, bordering-on-bulk serving containers of sour belts were on the shelves of every corner store, grocery, and deli I popped into. So naturally, I gave in and bought a pack of Strawberry. Wow, are they delicious. Each 10-ounce tray comes with its own set of tongs, which is as satisfying as it is wasteful. Equally wasteful is the tray itself, but its resealable nature means the belts never get stale and stay nice and squishy. But I cannot stop eating them. If the Stop 1 on my corner ever stocks the Rainbowvariety, I will have to be forcibly restrained from eating myself into a sugar coma. -VvP

Fratelli Mannelli Catchalls

As I always say, one person’s “catchall” is another’s ashtray. Though, if I’m being honest, pretty much anything concave and not flammable can be an ashtray. As such, these Fratelli Mannelli “catchalls” (wink wink) would be perfect in the right home—or perhaps second home, seeing that they are $225 each. And should you splurge on these vintage pieces, you can sleep easy knowing that 50% of the sale goes to supporting the María Fund, an emergency and political organization in Puerto Rico. -DW