Cowboy Boot Pipe

Plus Georgia Pie, banana bread, and mushroom chocolates.

MARCH 25, 2023

Brainstorm by Alice Mushrooms

I try not to drink coffee after 11 o’clock unless it’s an absolute emergency, so I love an afternoon pick-me-up that gives me a boost of energy and focus without caffeine. Dawn is obviously my go-to, but lately I’ve been enjoying a piece of Brainstorm chocolate by Alice Mushrooms as an extra treat. [UPDATE: I wrote this, then read the ingredients and saw that each dose apparently has the “natural caffeine” (guarana?) equivalent of ⅔ of a cup of coffee. I’ve been bamboozling myself this whole time! But I still really like them, so do with that what you will.] -VvP

Georgia Pie

For some strains, there’s no rhyme or reason behind their monikers. Instead, they’re just seemingly ripped out of a Mad Libs book (the infamous Alaskan Thunder Fuck comes to mind). But not with Georgia Pie. One whiff, and especially one hit, and you immediately understand the name. There’s a delicious sweetness to the taste that is entirely reminiscent of peach cobbler, and the high is equally pleasant. I suppose it makes sense that this strain is a real appetite enhancer, but it’s also an uplifting and creative experience (at least for me). -DW

“A Paris Apartment With Boxer-Brief Bedding and Rugs Made From Socks”

This feature about architect, furniture designer, and self-described transformist Harry Nuriev’s Paris apartment is worth reading in full, but if you want to give yourself 90 seconds of joy, just watch the video tour. (I would absolutely smoke in there.) -VvP

Upside Down Banana Bread

This upside down banana bread hasn’t left my mind ever since I saw it on TikTok (my favorite of all the apps that harvest my personal data). As a lifelong fan of a classic pineapple upside down cake, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. If it all goes to plan, I’ll be spending my Saturday enjoying a slice of the Melissa Clark-inspired caramely-banana-chocolate goodness. -PR

Cowboy Boot Pipe by Canna Style

Put some pep in your step. -VvP

Tuesday by Eugene Terry

Independent publisher Dizzy Books just released their first children’s book by artist Eugene Terry. Tuesday chronicles a duck’s journey to the big city in search of a snack, narrating his quest alongside dreamy illustrations of New York through cotton candy-pink glasses. It’s a perfect gift for any kid (or open-minded adult), and there’s even a Duck plushie you can purchase. -PR

NICRON N7 Flashlight

A flashlight? Really? Yes, really. This little ray of light has been my trusty companion for months now. The hinged neck has made an incredible amount of parenting tasks easier, from building toys to hunting for pacifiers, and the magnetic bottom turns it into an overhead lamp on demand. I now own several of these, sprinkling them around closets and my car for easy access and emergency use. Is this the coolest or chicest recommendation? No. But it’s a really handy one. -DW