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What's in a (Strain) Name?

Plus million dollar shots, Christina Pérez, and Fugues.͏

APRIL 22, 2023


Shop Dizzy

You may remember Dizzy Books from when I plugged their first-ever children’s book, Tuesday by Eugene Terry, in High Praise a few weeks back. And while they may be a publisher, their online merch shop also happens to be my favorite spot to pick up a new t-shirt (or print). I’m fairly picky about a graphic tee, but these shirts, dotted with blocky 3D animated cartoon animals, are not only adorable, but can also withstand numerous washes and trips to the beach. Dizzy Books is also currently hosting a fundraiser to support the creation of their next issue of Mishou Magazine. It’s a shoppable, well-curated collection featuring everything from baby rompers, new limited-edition Dizzy tees, and Mademe bags, to beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from artists such as Bobbi Salvör Menuez and Jane Dashley. Go browse before they’re gone! -PR

Back Issues

If you like reading our newsletters but haven’t read our magazines, well, what are you waiting for? -DW

A Friend Indeed by Christina Pérez

Writer and Gossamer contributor Christina Pérez, whom you might remember as the friend who so kindly surprised me with a mailed copy of Big Swiss a few weeks back, launched her own newsletter on Thursday. The inaugural missive felt perfectly timed, for me, at least, as I’m in the middle of a big move and trying to find all the ways to embrace the rootlessness that comes with it. Pérez is extremely well-traveled and has exceptional taste—she’s the first person I text when I’m researching where to stay in any given place. Installments of A Friend Indeed will feature musings, recommendations on travel, food, and other things, as well as myriad forms of creative inspiration, all in pursuit of “what it means to live well.” A good first step would be subscribing. -VvP

“The $1 Million Shot that Changed Sports Contests Forever”

Last week was the 30th anniversary of this shot. It was a viral moment decades before that was even a term, appearing on newscasts (real and fake) all across the nation. Don Calhoun, the man who sunk the near-full court shot for a million dollars, was a temporary star. But how that contest came to be and its effect on marketing, sports, and Calhoun himself are well worth the read in this ESPN piece. It’s one of the rare times where reading about insurance policies is legitimately interesting. -DW

Fugues at Helena Anrather

If you’re looking for a spot of calm within the overcrowded scene of downtown New York galleries, make a stop by Helena Anrather. A longtime favorite, they’ve been putting together especially dreamy exhibitions recently. I stopped by their latest, Shelf Life, a collection of sculptures by artist Catherine Telford Keogh who plays with different stones to create scenes like a marble platform etched with American brand names and littered with glass-blown motor oil jugs, or heavy quartz puzzle pieces cut just-so to leave space for luxury miniature toiletries. The juxtaposition of media and form made for some of the most genuinely exciting pieces I had seen in a while. The gallery’s newest show, Fugues by Alexi Meskhishvili, is at the top of my list for this weekend. -PR


Dirt is one of the most interesting publications out there right now, and I’m not just saying that because they interviewed me this week. You truly never know what’s going to show up in your inbox, from candles too pretty to burn to the rise of gray interiors to dwelling on expensive houses in horror films. Most of their content is free, but longform and other pieces are behind a paywall that you’ll need an Ethereum wallet to subscribe to (they can help walk you through it all on their site). -DW