Maggie May . . . Be Better With Mushrooms

Plus vintage ashtrays, intergalactic concerts, and pencil chocolates.


Gossamer Collectibles

In case you missed it, earlier this week we released our first curated collection of hand-selected statement piece ashtrays, like this rare, mint condition three-piece nesting set by iconic mid-century Californian ceramicist duo, Jaru. If I could buy one (which I can’t, because they’re for you), I’d take home this oversized banana-yellow compartment piece and use it to store both my joints and my ash, but separately. -VvP

GWAR’s “Tiny Desk Concert”

When I think of NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series, I think of crooners, singer-songwriters, stripped down versions of popular songs, and foreign instruments I may or may not be seeing for the first time. What I do not think of is interplanetary heavy metal warriors. And yet, here’s a video of alien barbarians GWAR cramming their massive selves into the public radio company’s New York offices, and singing not just their own songs, but the praises of Fresh Air host Terry Gross. Enjoy! -DW

Eve Babitz Archives

I’d consider myself fairly well versed in the life and legend of Eve Babitz, both as an iconic California girl and my favorite foil to Joan Didion’s more serious reflections on the state. I was delightfully surprised when I came across a photograph of her old diaries and learned that The Huntington Library acquired her full archives just last year. You can find her photographs, writings, and mementos from 1943 to 2011 now on display in San Marino. A must see for all with a dog-eared copy of L.A. Woman, or anyone in the area who still listens to Norman Fucking Rockwell regularly. -PR

Pencil Chocolate

“Our new chocolate is inspired by pencils” is not something you expect to read, yet it makes perfect sense for a sweet produced by Present & Correct, the UK’s best stationery store. As a longtime pencil user but first time eater, I’m eager to see if you can really taste the cedar and pine infusion, or if the whole thing is pointless. I should also note that the company just opened their new London shop and it looks amazing. -DW

Les Rencontres D’Arles

July always feels like the peak Euro-fication season of one’s IG feed. And while the south of France is a perennially trending destination (St. Tropez is by no means a hidden gem), it feels like this year, every influencer in sight seems to be somewhere on the Riviera. That, or Zuckerberg’s AI has figured out that I have plans to visit Marseille in September. If you also have plans to be in the area this summer or early fall, consider making a visit to Arles for their annual photography festival, Les Rencontres D’Arles. The festival, which runs through September 24th, is one of the largest photography exhibitions in the world, showcasing dynamic, exciting, and often unseen pieces from artists such as Nicole Gravier and Roberto Huarcaya. I’m most interested to see the Agnès Varda expositiontracing the development of her work, from contact sheets with hundreds of her photographs of Sète to the production of her film La Pointe Courte, but the entire program is full of standouts. -PR

Kintetsu Railways’ Deer Train

When I finally get to Japan, I’m riding this train. (Related, I saw this tweet after writing this.) -DW

Mushrooms And A Little Bit Of Weed

Summer stadium concert pro-tip: a half-gram of mushrooms followed by 2.5 milligrams of a sativa-leaning edible right as you’re peaking. (Optional: One tall boy of a light beer.) The perfect high, the perfect duration, the perfect comedown—a 10/10 perfect experience, no notes. I did this on Thursday for the Maggie Rogers show at Forest Hills and I’m here to share the good news. Not entirely incidentally, Maggie herself suggested the mushrooms in a pre-concert email. So consider this a double endorsement. -VvP