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The Best Potato Chip

Plus Bruce Banner, books, and bonsai.

NOVEMBER 19, 2022


The Common’s Author Postcard Auction

I’ll admit, I’m not terribly familiar with The Common, a literary magazine based out of Amherst College, but that’s probably on me. I’m obviously all for independent magazines, and from the looks of it, this is a good one. Their covers—which, despite what you’ve heard, is a great way to judge something—are well done, and their roster of writers is equally impressive. And now through November 30th, they’re holding a charitable auction featuring handwritten and personalized postcards from some of today’s most notable writers (and a few musicians, to boot). From Anne Tyler to Ann Patchett, and George Saunders to Neil Gaiman (and a Jonathan to a Jonathan), the list of participating authors is a who’s who of the literary scene. Plus Jeff Tweedy and Natalie Merchant for some reason! Anyway, this feels like the perfect holiday gift for the right person in your life. Good luck bidding! -DW

Tulip Storage

On a road-trip through Sedona a couple years ago, as I was about to step out of the RV with a spliff in hand, I looked up through the window to see the spot next to us had just been taken by a police cruiser—which led to the sudden realization I hadn’t even checked if weed was legal in Arizona. With the laws of legalization changing day by day, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with exactly where you can light up in peace. Tulip offers a discreet, chic way to store your bud at home or on the go in odor-proof storage boxes that can hold up to an ounce of flower, and a combination lock perfect for keeping away little fingers and prying eyes. It also comes in seven different sleek colorways, like this one in Gossamer green, and has enough containers and sections to accommodate every accessory imaginable. -PR