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Maui Wowie

Plus toucan lamps, oil-drenched pita, and Fred again.

AUGUST 19TH, 2023


How To Help Maui

If you love Maui Wowie (whether that’s smoking the strain or simply saying it), show the island some love as it heals, recovers, and rebuilds from the wildfire. Gossamer contributor Alexis Cheung and her friend (both from O‘ahu) put together this comprehensive doc with news, social handles, organizations, family donations, and other resources to help those of us not from Hawai‘i support those who were affected. -VvP


Lev is a breath of fresh air on the pop-up food scene (I think I may be at my personal limit for smashburger collabs, even though 7th Streetremains a munchies go-to). Offering “site specific cooking,” they tailor each meal to the location and blend Palestinian and Jewish culinary traditions to create a menu highlighting seasonal flavors at their best. If you can’t make it IRL, they’re worth a follow for their stunning food pics alone—like this oil-drenched pita, eggplant balancing act, or tanning anchovies. -PR

Toucan Lamps

A little over a month ago, and apropos of nothing, my partner texted me this post of Enea Ferrari’s Toucan lamp. Then earlier this week, a slightly different one designed by H.T. Huang showed up in my feed with over 150,000 likes. Now all I can think about is toucan lamps. Vintage versions of both are a little pricey but not too hard to come by on sites like eBay, Etsy, Chairish, and 1st Dibs. You could also go with Urban Outfitters’ $89 recreation, but I prefer the slender, bug-eyed charm of H.T. Huang’s as well as the story behind Ferrari’s original, which, as it turns out, was also the first plastic lamp made entirely for children. Similar to the Murano mushroom craze from a few years back, I suspect we’re about to be seeing toucans everywhere. -VvP

Primary Clothing

There’s a lot about Primary that I don’t understand. For one, how they got the domain “,” as it must have cost a fortune. But also, and arguably more importantly, how they make such good clothes for such affordable prices (when factoring in their near-constant sales). While they do sell some adult items, this recommendation is really for their kids and baby stuff. At this point, my son is basically outfitted entirely in colorful and soft Primary gear. It’s almost like he’s sponsored by them, except it’s actually me who’s paying for the privilege. -DW

Archestratus Summer Sale

Greenpoint’s cult favorite cookbook shop and cafe, Archestratus, is hosting a sale—or in their words, “purge”—of random restaurant supplies and treasures as they close down their food space this Saturday and Sunday. Known for their specialty grocery selection, insanely tasty sandwiches, and house-made arancine, it’s sad to hear they’ll be closing this piece of the shop, but equally exciting to see what’s to come, and a great chance to snag a piece of their awesome collection. They’re offering everything from shelving to cute lasagna pans, as well as mini fridges and other more intense commercial kitchen appliances, if you’re in the market. If you can’t make it this weekend, they’ll be doing a second run of the sale August 26th and 27th. -PR


“adore u” by Fred again..

Enjoy your weekend. -VvP