Higher Ground

Edward Hopper, pies, and bucatini bowls.

JULY 8TH, 2023

Avalon Glassware by Upstate

I’ve been a fan of Upstate’s hand-dyed clothing, textiles, and bed linens for years now, so I’m not sure how I missed the initial launch of their glassware. Their latest collection, inspired by an old schoolhouse in the Berkshires, however, includes a bucatini bowl that, for obvious reasons, screams my name. That said, the coolest piece might be this swirly turmeric-toned ashtray, which is also available in a rippled smoke and watermelon swirl colorways. -VvP

Higher Ground

This is more of a “somewhat interesting thing to know about” mention than a full-throated recommendation. I recently stumbled upon a Channel 4 series called Higher Ground in which two people on opposite sides of an issue have a debate, first while stone cold sober, and then once again on mushrooms. In truth, the setup is unquestionably a bit gimmicky and not really all that illuminating about the topics themselves. Rather, what I found most interesting is not so much their individual takes on the issues at hand, but, in some cases, how you can see the spark or germ of a real emotional or mental breakthrough. For instance, while a climate change denierdidn’t actually change his mind, his mushroom experience allowed him to speak more cogently and clearly about what actually lay at the heart of his obstinance. Still, as I said before, this is definitely a “if you happen to have the time” rec. -DW

Teva Voya Infinity Sandal

I never thought this day would come, but a pair of Tevas are in my checkout basket. The damage that followed my recent fifth attempt to break in a pair of Rombaut ballerina flats (I could feel the blisters forming the minute I put them on) has left me in search of more comfortable and accommodating summer footwear, which led me to their Voya Infinity Sandals. I first spotted the black strappy pair in a collection of Mary Kate Olsen outfits on TikTok, somehow missing New York Magazine’s coverage entirely. They looks more like something you’d find from Khaite, but functional, or if Teva did a collab with The Row. The best part is no break-in period, with reviews citing that the cushy foam footbed will make you “forget you’re even wearing shoes.” A vacation dream. -PR

“Casual Luke Rides the Big Wave”

I never miss a good surfing article. Despite never having done it myself (something I hope to rectify soon), I’m obsessed with the sport (or “lifestyle”). So I was very excited to see Gabriella Paiella’s latest feature on how a local North Shore lifeguard stunned the surfing world by winning the most prestigious big-wave competition literally in between shifts at his day job. A great underdog story. -DW

Whitney Hopper Ride

While I’m not a committed enough cyclist (Citi Bike is more my speed), I thought I’d pass this recommendation along for those of you out there who think 40 miles on a weekend morning is nothing—or even fun. The Whitney is hosting their first ever Whitney Hopper Rideon Saturday, July 22nd in celebration of the late, iconic artist Edward Hopper’s birthday! Participants will take a 60-mile trip up the Hudson River, biking from the Meatpacking District to the Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center in Nyack for “birthday activities,” including a tour of the home and exhibition (which includes his 1897 bicycle). As someone who’s had the Hopper house museum on my list forever, it sounds like a dream and I’d be first in line if I didn’t know I’d probably end up left behind somewhere along the Hudson. I’ll be looking on with envy! -PR

Magpies on Pink Street

If you find yourself anywhere in or around the Andes, Delhi, Livingston Manor, or Margaretville area in the coming weeks, months, or even year, do yourself a favor and pick up a pie from Maggie McDowell’s Magpies on Pink Street. As a self-proclaimed expert, I can personally guarantee that it will be the best pie you’ve ever had. Summer offerings include one sort of seasonal fruit pie and one of the more “gooey” varieties (think: citrus, custard, or chocolate), while late fall and winter involves a savory pot pie that I swear on all that I love helps get me through the misery that is January, February, and March. If you’re nowhere in the vicinity, I’d still recommend subscribing to Maggie’s newsletter, which includes sweet, diary-like letters about a life of pie. Equally nourishing, if maybe technically less delicious. -VvP