Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Haley Nahman

The Maybe Baby writer on the downside of feedback, getting lost on a nude beach, and becoming an unintentional resource for acid users.

Gerardo Gonzalez

The chef and co-owner of New York City's Lalito on revolution through food, chasing trends, and the politics of cooking with cannabis.

Fletcher Kassell

The Tanner Fletcher designer on falling in love with your college roommate, genderless fashion, and finding inspiration in your grandmother’s wallpaper.

Fariha Róisín

The poet and novelist on pleasure, plant medicine, and why perfection has no place in faith.

Emily Miller

The OffLimits founder on representation in cereal, adventures in trend forecasting, and remembering to smoke weed.

Emily Labowe

The Poppy Undies founder and model on the calm of embroidering, confronting trauma, and finding the beauty in imperfection.

Emily Barker

The artist and disability advocate on milking the algorithm, the oppression of normalcy, and the privilege of a really relaxing high.

Elise Peterson

The artist and podcast host on finding catharsis through work, the privilege of being a "cool mom," and changing—but not.

Diana Kim

The Stand Up Comedy owner on taking risks, avant-garde fashion, and the quirks of communal living.

DeVonn Francis

The performance artist-turned-chef on immigrant culture, activism, and rethinking what it means to share a meal.

Daveed Baptiste

The up-and-coming photographer on seeking validation, the power of youth programs, and surprise second chances.

Daniella Kallmeyer

The designer on women’s suiting, buying less by buying better, and getting comfortable with edibles.

Cyo Nystrom

The Quim co-founder and CEO on vaginal health, long-lost relationships, and her struggle with “puffy tacos.”

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

The founder of Chillhouse on translating Instagram into real life, self-care in small business, and how to work with your partner without killing each other.

Clement Kwan

The co-founder of Beboe on going from vet school to vaporizers, Italian life, and why everyone should know what it takes to grow weed.

Clémence Polès

The Passerbuys founder on growing up in Dubai, interviewing strangers, and the shared struggles of women.

Chelsea Leyland

The DJ-turned-epilepsy activist on going from fashion to filmmaking, CBD, and what it's like to lose one's musical mojo.

Chella Man

The artist on interpreting joy, childhood discrimination, and smoking with a cochlear implant.

Che Che Luna

The sex educator on pleasure as activism, learning through dance, and finding their fit.

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