Emily Miller

The OffLimits founder on representation in cereal, adventures in trend forecasting, and remembering to smoke weed.


I grew up between Hawaii and Arizona—between the beach and the desert, obsessed with both but never being able to have the two together in one place. Those were my formative years, I feel like now I’m constantly split between the things that I really love.

Growing up like that made me realize there is more to location. I never got stuck in a bubble. I knew there was more, which is why I wanted to come to New York. The city feels like the ultimate mix of everything and an incredible learning experience, especially from a food perspective because you have so much in an accessible vicinity.

I eventually came here for fashion school, but I kind of checked out halfway through. I realized that industry wasn’t for me. So I started freelance writing for all of these different outlets, including trend forecasting ones.