Fletcher Kassell

The Tanner Fletcher designer on falling in love with your college roommate, genderless fashion, and finding inspiration in your grandmother’s wallpaper.


I grew up in Two Harbors, Minnesota, which is 20 miles north of Duluth. It’s a tiny little town—like 3,000 people—on Lake Superior. I guess I come from small-town America. Small towns can be good sometimes. It’s good to have that sense of community. My parents are really amazing. They still live there today, and they’re super supportive. They’ve always let me do my thing, which I’m so thankful for. 

Looking back, it was also a bit of a difficult place to grow up in. Not much culture, everybody’s white. Let’s just say I’m glad to be in New York now.


We technically started our relationship a month before we moved in together.



We actually funded the start of the business by thrifting, by buying and reselling clothes.