Elise Peterson

The artist and podcast host on finding catharsis through work, the privilege of being a "cool mom," and changing—but not.


I’m really into storytelling—whatever form of media that takes, from visual art to podcasting to online shows. I try to exhaust all of those. I don’t think you can be a successful artist today without also having an entrepreneurial spirit. You have to know how to market yourself. How to brand yourself. It's not just about making work anymore. I could talk a lot of shit about it, but ultimately it’s the way we live now.

I'd rather figure out how to market myself and have everything funnel back to growth on a personal and professional level. I don't mind it—I think it’s smart. I don't want to just make art, I want to be successful at it. I also don't want to just have Instagram followers, but I want to figure out how that translates into career success and financial stability. One piece doesn't live without the other. You have to know how to market yourself in order to get that done. And I think because of that—and because of my natural inclination to hustle—I like to do a lot of things.


I think art is the way I cope with a lot of things. It’s how I level with the truth.



There's nothing that I think is a greater privilege than getting to intimately watch someone become themselves.