Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Sarah Nsikak

The textile artist on patchwork, politics, and the unpredictability of edibles.

Sarah Goldberg

The Barry star on being down and out in London, lucky breaks, and the uniquely American pressure to be famous.

Richard Kern

The photographer on addiction, international investigations, and winding up in the MoMA collection.

Recho Omondi

Fashion’s freshest voice on radical transparency, the power of community, and the three rules she never breaks.

Rajni Jacques

The creative director and Gossamer contributing editor on nurturing cultural shifts, community organizing, and the beauty of being Black.

Rachel Corry

The artist-turned-shoemaker behind Rachel Sees Snail Shoes on rising from the (literal) ashes, men's fear of sandals, and the joys of smoking with your mom.

Paperboy Prince

The ultimate multi-hyphenate on running for office, spreading love, and playing basketball in the Supreme Court.

Olivia Milch

The screenwriter and director behind Dude and Ocean's 8 on William Faulkner, female representation, and being a teenage stoner.

Noah Gardenswartz

The comedian on pandemic parenting, quitting weed, and keeping The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Jewish.

Nick Weddell

The sculptor on growing up with diabetes, using ceramics to highlight the mundane, and why he didn't smoke for two years after trying weed.

Natasha Pickowicz

The chef on balancing flavors, a computer-free life, and working with her mom.

Tess Taylor

The founder of Saucy on ADHD, mental toughness, and infusing Black southern heritage into cannabis.

Telsha Anderson

The entrepreneur and owner of t.a. on opening a store in the middle of a pandemic, finding confidence through clothing, and dispensary designs.

Tara Thomas

The chef on finding a home, vegan expectations, and the perfect infused airplane food.

Rory Scovel

The comic on the value of discomfort, writing for yourself, and consistently falling in and out of love with comedy.

Takeo Suzuki

The multi-talented owner of Williamsburg's Room salon on Japanese style, Korean spas, and why human hair is a work of art.

Jasmine Mans

The poet and and founder of Buy Weed From Women on art as a trade, being functionally high, and sisterhood in cannabis.

Marjon Carlos

The writer and Your Favorite Auntie host on winding down with weed, the evolution of Dallas, and the art of the interview.

Mario Guzman

The legendary Sherbinskis founder on learning to grow, building a brand, and not becoming a cop.

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