Tess Taylor

The founder of Saucy on ADHD, mental toughness, and infusing Black southern heritage into cannabis.


I’m the youngest of seven for my dad, three for my mom. Both are military veterans. I grew up in Dallas, moved to Pennsylvania for middle school, Germany for high school, and then went to the University of Oklahoma for undergrad. I was in law school for a year—I went at 20, which was so silly. I don’t know what I was racing towards. I graduated high school and college each in three years.

The first time I smoked weed I was 14. I was on an army base, which was a terrible idea. That also meant it wasn’t super accessible to me, so I didn’t smoke that often. One of my friends would have to drive to Amsterdam and bring it back. I started smoking a lot more in high school and college. 

I moved to Oklahoma my senior year of high school and the girls had all grown up together and were very tight knit. I didn’t really fit in, especially as one of the only Black people at the school. I found my friends again through weed. We smoked at lunch. I had this badass teacher who taught a class called Film as Literature. That’s where I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Breakfast Club. He taught all the cool stoner classics.


My relationship with weed is like a weighted blanket of wonderful.