Selah Say

The DJ and cannabis entrepreneur on Afrofuturism, Southern roots, and how she's evolving her 4/20 ritual this year.


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In 2019, I got in a car accident and injured the whole left side of my body and my neck. I was prescribed such strong pain medication. The opioid crisis was at its peak and I was like, Yeah, I’m not about to take all of this and come out of this an addict. Cannabis, as well as physical therapy and upping my vitamins and supplements, helped me through that process. It took almost two years. That’s when I became really serious about it. 

I’ve been smoking since I was about 12. My best friend from back home and I used to sing in our church choir. Every week, after rehearsal, we would find some way to get cannabis and we would smoke. That’s where it started. We were like, crush crush. Let’s roll it up. We smoke. I moved beyond smoking for pleasure and realized it was a wonderful pain management tool.


I’m always interested in creating new rituals around things that have a dogmatic practice around them.