Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Mimi Quiquine

The makeup artist on branching out, morning chants, and why there’s always a time and place for a cheeky joint.

Mimi Lam

The Superette co-founder on finding her voice, striving for something different, and cannabis packaging waste.

Mia Park

The Sundae School co-founder on stigmatization, storytelling through fashion, and smoking with intention.

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey

The cannabis creative on edibles, living abroad, and what legalization means for the world.

Megan O'Neill

Goop's Senior Beauty Editor on at-home rituals, weed as wellness, and the importance of good grammar.

Mecca James-Williams

The multi-hyphenate stylist on smoking with a purpose, life in Jamaica, and running “full face” into joy.

Stacy London

The former What Not to Wear host on reality television, the evolution of women, and how CBD changed her life.

TyLynn Nguyen

The lingerie designer on life after modeling, the strength of motherhood, and creating for the modern woman.

Timothy Blanchard

The DJ, stylist, and budtender on changing the stigma one customer at a time.

Tiger Tiger

The photography duo on William Blake, the pace of fashion, and obscure ‘80s television shows.

Tiffany Chin

The CEO of Death Row Cannabis on smoking Snoop Dogg’s weed, marrying her dealer, and parenting precautions.

Theo Martins

The artist on straddling two worlds, walking in L.A., and the power of cereal.

Sophia Takal

The director on Donald Trump, the dynamics of female friendship, and why edibles freak her out.

Sophia Roe

The chef and host of Counter Space on growing up hungry, microdosing, and why fungi are the future.

Sonya Yu

The Four One Nine and MYLES founder on smoking intentions, working in San Quentin, and trusting your intuition.

Sol Guy

The filmmaker on fathers, psilocybin, and Canadian hip hop.


The actress and musician on coming to cannabis late in life, living out of a suitcase, and why a little red goes a long way.

Shari Siadat

The TooD founder on unibrows, raising daughters right, and curated diversity.

Shanel Lindsay

The Ardent founder on becoming a weed inventor, teenage motherhood, and fighting back against wrongful arrest.

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