The actress and musician on coming to cannabis late in life, living out of a suitcase, and why a little red goes a long way.


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I feel like if you grow up near the ocean, it’s impossible to live anywhere that you don’t see a body of water. I’m from a small town near Bordeaux, between the countryside and the seaside. It’s really, really beautiful. No matter how far I go in the world, I always feel like Bordeaux has the best beaches and the nicest water. 

I spent a little bit of time in Vancouver last year because I was shooting a movie there, and everywhere I looked, there were mountains and water and trees. I was working on a movie called Little Fish, and it was my first time playing a musician in a movie, which is weird. I like doing roles that have nothing to do with my life, because I find it more rewarding and challenging.


I started smoking weed when I was 28, which is terribly late for most people.