TyLynn Nguyen

The lingerie designer on life after modeling, the strength of motherhood, and creating for the modern woman.


I grew up in a family of four: mom, dad, brother, and me. We grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. My mom was from South Dakota, and my dad was from South Carolina. My mom was in the U.S. Army. My dad was selling cars and going to college. They fell in love and got married three months later.

I grew up in a nice, middle-class neighborhood. We had, like, an acre of land. It was beautiful, and behind our house, there was a gorgeous farm with animals. I feel like I had a great childhood. There was also a mall right near my house. And, well, Bruce Weber and his team were there for Abercrombie, and they saw me, and they were like, “Hey, would you be interested in modeling?” I was 17, and I was like, “Yeah, sure.” And then I got a full scholarship to run track at the University of Rhode Island, so I took a break from modeling. I took some fashion classes at Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 2009 and was like, “Whew, we’re done.”