Mecca James-Williams

The multi-hyphenate stylist on smoking with a purpose, life in Jamaica, and running “full face” into joy.


I’m a changing woman right now. I’m transforming into a different vessel of who I want to be. I don’t want to define myself—I want to flow. In layman’s terms, I’m a free woman, a woman who’s discovering newness, a woman who is recalibrating her world from how she lives, how she thinks, how she works, and how she dreams. One of the biggest things I took away from the last couple of years is perspective, and the ability to move into a life that I’m excited to live and away from things I don’t align with.

I was born in California and grew up between Virginia and New York. I found my way back to New York for college but then I dropped out of school and started in the fashion industry. I loved school, but it was just too expensive.


Titles don’t really matter to me, but each job has given me new life and rejuvenated my ability to create.



If you're coming over to my house, you're going to have your choice of a joint, tea, tinctures, edibles, and three different strains.