Interviews with people you know, love, or will come to know and love.

Janna Levin

The astrophysicist on black holes, the end of the universe, and what she sees when she looks at the sky.

James Harris

The Throwing Fits co-creator on quitting his day job, the power of weak edibles, and using humor to keep race top of mind.

Isadora Alvarez

The BackBeatRags founder on living abroad, taking pride in what you do, and the struggles of ethical fashion.

Valarie Sakota

The Barbari co-founder on postpartum creativity, growing up around substance abuse, and building an ethical business.

Vanessa Lavorato

The Marigold Sweets founder and co-host of Bong Appetit on the camaraderie of cooking, confronting conservative thinking, and finding the right outfit.

Waris Ahluwalia

The House of Waris Botanicals founder on herbal healing, being born twice, and finding your own path.

Zach Sokol

The Cash Only co-founder on twin booms, legacy markets, and consulting for sex workers.

Zeyna Sy

The former brand marketing manager of Marley Natural on lasting images, getting robbed abroad, and making the move to Outdoor Voices.

Pia Riverola

The photographer on her floral fascination, adapting to motherhood, and energizing indicas.

Lyndsey Butler

The founder of VEDA on running a small business, smoking CBD, and making tees for social good.

Leah Thomas

The activist on modern smokeware, intersectional environmentalism, and how driving a Tesla isn't nearly enough.

Liana Satenstein

The writer and host of #NeverWorns on Orthodox style, living in Crimea, and the sale that broke the internet.

Imelda Walavalkar

The Pure Beauty CEO and co-founder on injecting politics into weed, the comfort of stoners, and not being the face of the company.

Ibanda Ruhumbika

The Late Show tuba player on how to get to Carnegie Hall, silent meditation, and knowing when to jump in.

Hillary Taymour

The designer on knowing your strong suit, evolving not growing, and microdosing mushrooms.

Hector Guadalupe

The founder of A Second U Foundation on rising the criminal ranks, finding wellness in prison, and creating a playbook for second chances.

Dr. Harvey Karp

The pediatrician and SNOO founder on supporting mothers, parenting in prisons, and rethinking how to wean babies off of opioids.

Harling Ross

The writer on insomnia, the accuracy and anxiety of social media, and her drug of choice.

Hannah Baxter

The beauty editor on bartending, dismantling toxic norms, and sifting through crap CBD.

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Volume 8 OUT NOW

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Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW