Isadora Alvarez

The BackBeatRags founder on living abroad, taking pride in what you do, and the struggles of ethical fashion.


I come from a small island in the Philippines called Palawan, but I'm currently living in Los Angeles where it’s warm but the water is always cold.

Palawan is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. It’s got a lot of insane lagoons, waterfalls, underground rivers—stuff like that. My family, they're all still there. They think I'm crazy for living out here.

In Palawan, life is very different. It’s very relaxed. Everybody meets up for a drink almost every day. Here, it's like, “Sorry, I can't meet you. I have some other thing.” Everything needs to be an appointment, you know?


I would see someone wearing assless chaps at nine o’clock in the morning.



When I moved to L.A., I started to smoke weed to smoke weed, but also smoke weed to go to sleep.