Hannah Baxter

The beauty editor on bartending, dismantling toxic norms, and sifting through crap CBD. 


I graduated from state school—Mizzou, the University of Missouri—then stayed for a year to serve, bartend, and make money. I was in the midst of a really bad breakup, so I was just fucking around. I had a summer to just do nothing but make money. After, I backpacked in Asia for a month with my best friend who had been teaching in China. I spent all the money I had except for $1,000. Three days after getting back, I moved to New York without a job.

I’ve loved New York since I was a little kid. I grew up coming here. My favorite person in the whole world, my great-aunt Ruth, lived here her whole life. She just passed away at 102. She was born during the last pandemic and almost made it through. I think her body was just like, “We’ve got to go. You’re so old.”


Weed has become a tool that helps me feel better, process information in a different way, and slow things down.



It’s our responsibility to make sure that a Eurocentric standard of beauty is not the de facto norm and to dismantle it.



There is no one right path to get into the editorial industry, or eventually leave it—I’m proof of that.