Shari Siadat

The TooD founder on unibrows, raising daughters right, and curated diversity.


I’m a single mom. I have three girls—my oldest daughter is about to turn 12—so I have very feminine energy around me. My mother is only 20 years older than me. 

I’m a seeker. I am always seeking ways to get to know myself better. Because I was born and raised at a certain time in the world and to Iranian immigrant parents, I thought that I would have to follow a certain way of living, whether that was what I accomplished in school, how I looked, who I was friends with, what kind of career I had, or getting married young and having children. I was very much asleep and trying to—how do I put this? Trying to just make my parents proud.


I like to call bullshit on the industry because there’s this new wave of everyone feeling like they have to step up the diversity game. But it’s curated diversity.