Tara Thomas

The chef on finding a home, vegan expectations, and the perfect infused airplane food.


I’ve lived in New York for about two years. I came here to be in an environment that was diverse, but that also offered a challenge for my career—one where I could act as I was, and do what I imagined doing. I think that’s a lot of people’s story about coming to New York.

I’ve been cooking my whole life. It’s been my escape for so many years. I thought I would take something like a gap year to pursue it, but it turned out to be more than a “year.” That said, I’ll be going back to school soon, probably in the next few years.

I started out cooking for events. People had been telling me how much they liked my food and how they thought I’d made vegan dishes taste really good. I didn’t really see it as a business until I was like, “Oh, this is kind of a job.” So I made it one.


[Being vegan] was hard socially, particularly in other people’s homes ... But in time, I realized I should just bring something to share or communicate better in advance.



I really love [CBD] in both oil and flower forms.