Daniella Kallmeyer

The designer on women’s suiting, buying less by buying better, and getting comfortable with edibles. 


Growing up, I was very involved in theater. I was also a competitive figure skater, so dressing up and costumes were always a part of my life. I was a performer. My mom and her sisters actually also grew up as dancers. In fact, when they were growing up, my mom and her sisters converted their garage in South Africa to a dance studio and offered lessons.

My family moved over here from South Africa when I was a baby. Shortly after, the majority of my mom’s side followed. My grandmother ended up in Riverdale, so I spent a lot of summers here in New York following my different passions, whether that was dance or theater or eventually fashion. I grew up in D.C. suburbia, but I always felt like New York was home.


I scrounged up about seven grand for my first collection and had no plans for what was going to happen after that.