Allie X

The singer-songwriter on deflecting attention, cannabis remedies, and appreciating a slower world.


This Conversation was wholly-produced during quarantine. Since we obviously couldn't send over a photographer, we asked Allie to shoot some of her own.

My legal name is Alexandra Hughes. I never say that in interviews, though. No one has ever really called me Alexandra, except for doctors. I’ve been called Allie as long as I can remember. 

The whole concept behind putting an “X” in my name was to give myself some freedom and anonymity. It was a way of declaring myself an independent individual and that I didn’t consider myself part of any group. I wanted to make my own “X” group.

I think the way that you present yourself to the world—whether it be through the way you dress, the gender that you identify with, or the name that you give yourself—is a really powerful thing. I think it’s a statement to the world that you, well, how do I say it? It’s one thing to know something inside of yourself, but when you actually declare it to the world, I think it’s really powerful. It was for me.