Candice Pool Neistat

Candice Pool Neistat on being a Texan, running two companies, and coping with parenthood.


I was born in South Africa, in Cape Town, but left when I was really young—a year old—because my father was recruited to Texas as a doctor. We went back every year though, so it has a special place in my heart. And all the people I grew up with in Houston—all my “aunties” and “uncles”—were also South African immigrants, so our Shabbat dinners were all Cape Tonians with their little American offspring. I spoke with an accent until I went to school.

Texas is also a really huge part of who I am because I grew up there and the culture is so strong. You meet someone from Texas and you’re like, “Oh, good. We get each other.” When I came to New York, at around 21 or 22, I didn’t realize how different we were from everybody else. I really hated New York. I hated people from the East Coast and, like, lobster.


I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur. When I’d have a lemonade stand as a kid, I was always very concerned about the location of the stand and how it looked and the price.