Brett Heyman

The Edie Parker founder on learning from mistakes, branching out into cannabis, and smoking just for the fun of it.


I always thrifted.

I grew up in L.A., and I collected everything. Truly, it was like hoarding. I would go to all the flea markets and collect all kinds of vintage clothes and accessories, and lots of handbags. Acrylic bags, wicker bags, woven bags, magazine bags—really everything. I was just obsessed.

I kept them all until I moved to New York after college. I just had no space. My parents moved out of their house in L.A., so I had nowhere to put anything. I kept most of the acrylic bags because those were the ones that I found I wore most often. Any time I wore an acrylic bag there was always a reaction. Either a sense of nostalgia—someone would come up to me and say, “Oh my gosh, my grandma or my aunt had a bag like that!”—or a sense of curiosity, like, “What is that?”


My relationship with cannabis mirrors our brand ethos, which is: “For a good time.”



Using cannabis is as commonplace for me as having a glass of wine or a drink, and it’s usually both.