Anna Z Gray

The model and writer on digging for vintage, not being a diva, and microdosing mushrooms.


I’m from Alexandria, Virginia, but we moved to Paris when I was two because my parents were in their twenties and were like, “We’ve never lived in Paris, let’s try it! It’s totally fine that we have a baby.”

My mom’s an architect and while we were there, my dad was painting walls. He painted Claes Oldenburg’s studio, which was cool. He had some good stories of opening closets and there being giant drywall nails. But we were super broke, so when I was three we moved to a nowhere town in Ireland called Mullingar because my dad has family there. It was a weird, isolating place, but it’s beautiful. I really liked it when we lived there and was really sad to leave. We moved back to Virginia when I was nine.

I used to have an accent and I took Irish as a kid in school, but I don’t remember any of it. The job opportunities weren’t great and I think my mom was just sick of living in a tiny town in Ireland where she was the only Chinese person. And tired of feeling like an outsider.


Digging through other people's stuff for hours and hours is almost an out-of-body experience.