Arpana Rayamajhi

The Nepalese artist on high art, the Hippie Trail, and people from small places doing big things.


This Conversation was wholly-produced during quarantine. Since we obviously couldn't send over a photographer, we asked Arpana to shoot some of her own.

I’m a stoner, but I’m super high functioning. And I’m not the type that has to blaze before I go somewhere or do something. I don’t have that. I just enjoy it. The one thing I don’t do is wake and bake. Because then I have to bake all day to keep it up. So I just smoke in the evenings and have a good time.

I’m highly productive when high. I pretty much made all my jewelry, all my work, on weed. The one thing that I think I can’t do when I’m high is act. It shuts me down.