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Volume Three: Night

Volume Three: Night

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Volume Three explores all the different definitions of Night, from an illuminating feature on the death of the darkest places on earth to a dreamy exploration of Silene undulata, the latest plant to find its way into the hands of psychonauts. 

Cozy up with Cara Parks’ revealing and revelatory essay on how life as an overnight baker gave rise to a new purpose, an absolutely batty graphic story from Marijpol, and the haunting beauty of a sleepless night.

End your evening by solving our interactive, spot-the-difference product guide to help you plan the perfect night, and then fall asleep in front of the TV. (On purpose.)

For those who like commitment, you can also subscribe (and save!) here. For those who like commitment, you can also subscribe (and save!) here.
Volume Three: Night Volume Three: Night
  • Calming
  • Won’t Get You High (Probably)
  • Good For Sleep
  • Nighttime Reading
  • Stoned Activity
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If there’s one thing that goes well with night, it’s weed.

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“The issue feels like, well, a really good night’s sleep. It toes the line between mundanity and intrigue, darkness and luminosity. And it’s in this space that Gossamer Volume Three sits, once again pulling apart a theme to reveal unexpected and insightful stories within it.” — It’s Nice That
“Lush images, wildly entertaining writing, profiles of people as dazzling-looking as they are fascinating, and [a] decidedly sybaritic vibe.”
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