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“Touch” Rug 03

“Touch” Rug 03

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We teamed up with artist Alex Proba to bring you our newest Gossamer home good: an intoxicating collection of smoky and psychedelic handwoven rugs inspired by the subject and textured covers of our latest volume, the “Touch” issue.

Each rug is hand tufted with 100% New Zealand wool yarn and made to order with organic dyes. The swirling and vibrant designs are inspired by the texture of our Touch issue and incorporate elements of Gossamer’s visual world and color palette: deep green, delicate mint, soft peach, and golden yellow. 

“Touch” Rug 03 “Touch” Rug 03
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    This rug pairs well with wood paneling, a mirrored ceiling, and an iced Americano.

    Product Details

    Proba Home is a transformation of multidisciplinary artist Alexa Proba’s visual language into a cast of vibrant, textural objects to live with. Each object starts as a sketch before being brought to life with depth, becoming forms to squeeze, sit on, and curl up in. You can shop the full collection here.


    Do you offer custom sizing?

    Custom sizing is available. Please email us at if you’re interested.

    Shipping & Returns

    Do the rugs ship internationally?

    Each rug is made to order by hand in India and ships worldwide.

    How much is shipping?

    We offer flat-rate worldwide shipping from $135 to $300, depending on the size of rug.

    Are customs and duties included?

    Customers are responsible for any duties and import fees that may be charged upon delivery.

    How long will my rug take to arrive?

    Please allow six to eight weeks production time.

    “Gossamer’s signature shades—deep green, peach, mint, and rich goldenrod—mingle with hues of teal, cool lavender, neon orange, and rosy pinks in amorphous shapes, ribbons, and drips.” — Vogue
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