COLLECTIONS Gossamer x Proba Home

Collection: Gossamer x Proba Home 4

We teamed up with artist Alex Proba to bring you our newest Gossamer home good: an intoxicating collection of smoky and psychedelic handwoven rugs inspired by the subject and textured covers of our latest volume, the “Touch” issue.
“Lush images, wildly entertaining writing, profiles of people as dazzling-looking as they are fascinating, and [a] decidedly sybaritic vibe.”
“[Dusk] will not get you high. But with consistent, nightly use, it should aid in the age-old task of passing the hell out.”
“Results were extremely promising. I was more focused, my motivation was higher and any outside agitation and angst was muted.”
“CBD has become a regular part of my morning routine, and the best is Gossamer’s Dawn.”
“In the week I was taking [Dawn], my internet consumption was way down, and my productivity was way up.”