Get High and Go to Infinity

Plus shear sheep, spot lighthouses, and more.

MAY 10TH, 2023

Welcome to High In NYC, the newsletter for people who are, well, high in New York. Or plan to be.

Every other week, we share a few places to go, things to do, food to eat, sights to see, and/or sounds to hear in and around the city. Maybe some smells to smell, too—you never know. And while we trust that you’ve got the weed part down, every now and then we’ll suggest a specific product or strain that we think pairs best with the experience.

Last but not least, if you have an idea, recommendation, or favorite smoke spot you don’t mind sharing, we’d always love to hear about it. Drop us a line or DM.

Get Stuck in an Infinity Room

Brace yourself: there’s a new “Infinity Room” in town. Before you see it all over your Instagram feed, get to the new Yayoi Kusama show, “I Spend Each Day Embracing Flowers,” at David Zwirner. There’s usually a time limit for these things, so make sure to choose a really slow strain like Grandaddy Purple to make the moment last.

Shear Some Sheep

New York’s “only” sheep shearing festival, as they proudly state, is back at the Queens Farm. A one-day event this Saturday, go see some sheep get their summer cuts, take a hayride, do a scavenger hunt, and learn all about dyeing, weaving, and knitting. There are also apparently free worms, so (humanely) do with that info what you like.

Spot Some Lighthouses

Okay, this recommendation is a bit of a tricky one because a car or bike is needed. We don’t condone driving while high (one of the great benefits to living in New York), so we trust you’ll figure it out. Next Sunday, May 23rd, is the Great Staten Island Lighthouse Hunt. It’s less of a hunt and more of a self-guided tour (lighthouses, after all, are pretty purposefully hard to hide), but if you haven’t spent some time exploring Staten Island on a nice spring day, you’re in for a treat. Finish with a slice from Joe & Pat’s, Denino’s, or any of the other great parlors on the island.

Meet a Dog

It should come as no surprise that the Museum of the Dog is not just for humans. Every month, the Park Avenue institution puts a spotlight on one of the 200 “recognized breeds” (no justice for unrecognized breeds) in the American Kennel Club and devotes a whole day of activities around them. You can go to learn more about the breed, make art, or meet one of the dogs, which, let’s face it, is really what you’re there for. Just remember that edibles are for you, not them. Oh, also, one Friday a month is “Furry Friday” where you can bring your own dog, should you want.