Ghosts of the Machines

In space, what is dead is never gone.

The Loneliness of the Overnight Baker

On the night shift, no one can hear you scream.

Sara Rotman

The founder of Wellfounded Botanicals on cannabis fragrances, fighting Crohn's disease, and why the family farm is a dying breed.

Sue Williamson

The Herbs for Relaxation designer on clothing as armor, her favorite sativa-infused treats, and gifting mushrooms instead of flowers.

Albert Hammond Jr

The Strokes guitarist on modern drinking, weed as a creative tool, and the Taco Bell order that changed his life.

Wet Dreams

The soul-soothing power of a bath.

The Gossamer x Farnsworth Guide To The Berkshires

This guide is brought to you in partnership with Farnsworth Cannabis.

Rising Son


New York Legalized. Now What?

You asked, we did our best to answer (with the help of Tahira Rehmatullah and Agatha Kluk). GOSSAMER


BY MEGHAN NESMITH I first met her in 2007, when I was crashing in one of those New York City apartments where you can wash your face while sitting on...

Making Reservations

Life behind the lines of one of New York’s most iconic restaurants. WORDS: FOSTER KAMER | ART: LEEOR WILD

Made in England

A British department store’s disastrous experiment in human display. WORDS ANJALI KHOSLA | ILLUSTRATION NICOLÁS ORTEGA

The Dropout Artist

Fifty years ago, Lee Lozano embarked on an extreme personal experiment in weed. ANJALI KHOSLA

Love and Other Drugs

Getting to the bottom (and top) of cannabis in the bedroom. WORDS: MARIA DEL RUSSO | ART: KATARÍNA JANEČKOVÁ WALSHE

Literature as Furniture

Building a life, one book at a time. KYLE CHAYKA

A Matter of Time

Finding pleasure in deprivation.

High Praise

Trash Dolls. Plus weed, concrete, and water.  

High Minded: Winking

Saying everything in the blink of an eye. WORDS: ELIZA DUMAIS | ART: JOE LINGEMANN

High Minded: White Lies

Unpacking toothpaste’s box of tricks WORDS: ELISABETH SHERMAN | ART: PHILOTHEUS NISCH

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Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW

Volume 8 OUT NOW