Daydream Destinations

Plus flushing, fungi, and Lost Farm.

MAY 6TH, 2023

Hannah Simpson Studio

Someone from our team posted this guy to the Gossamer Instagram a couple weeks back, and I gotta say, it was love at first sight. Each monster is handmade, one of a kind, and, as far as I can tell, sells almost immediately upon release. (This gal is currently available though, and starting to grow on me.) Since I love a shopping challenge, I will absolutely be stalking ceramicist Hannah Simpson’s Etsy store until the next release, and be praying that it’s a drop of her mini monsters so I can buy one for myself and everyone I love. -VvP


Need rest? We’ve got you. But first, a little history. When we launched Dusk back in 2019, we were constantly being asked for recommendations for CBD products that could help with sleep. Based on the science, we knew that there really wasn’t anything on the market that fit the bill. Sure, there were CBD products that could help with some of the conditions that might keep you up—anxiety, muscle pain, etc.—but nothing that would put you to sleep and keep you that way. We knew that a different cannabinoid, CBN, had sedative properties, but there was nothing out there with a meaningful amount of it. So we decided to make a tincture that did. And thus, Dusk was born. The elevated levels of CBN, combined with our plant-derived terpenes, make for a truly effective formulation designed to give you more and better sleep, without any grogginess. It’s also non habit-forming and, unlike melatonin, doesn’t mess with your circadian rhythm. If you’re constantly lamenting how tired you feel and haven’t tried it, we highly recommend giving it a shot. End of history. -DW

Sasha Piligian at Good Luck Wine Shop

Attention SoCal readers, this one’s for you! Los Angeles-based pastry chef Sasha Piligian will be popping up May 7th through 11th at the Good Luck Wine Shop in Pasadena, baking some of her signature sheet cakes as well as turmeric vanilla shortbread and other special sweets. I’m personally salivating at that pic above of her fig leaf and strawberry jam morning buns, and will be looking on with jealousy from the East Coast. -PR

“What Happens When You Flush the Toilet in NYC?”

I learned a lotta shit from watching this video about New York’s massive sewer and water treatment system from my old friend Jack Coyne and his brother, Kieran. -DW

“Wild Gardens and Framed Landscapes”

I’ve been daydreaming about escaping to Hotel Terrestre ever since I first saw a friend post about it back in January. And then yesterday, another friend sent me a link to this Materia interview with the architect behind the hotel, Alberto Kalach, and my daydreaming officially reached a fever pitch. “Luxury is not in excessively huge rooms or imported Italian marble,” Kalach says. “Luxury is in the location, in the breeze, in the views, in the mountains, in the ocean views, in the bounty of the vegetation, in the beauty of the fauna. Luxury is in the proportions of space and the views.” I couldn’t agree more. -VvP

Lost Farm by KIVA

We’ve discussed a number of KIVA products here over the years, but recently a few people have asked me about their Lost Farm line, which makes sense because the packaging tends to stand out at the dispensary. My take? I’m a fan of what they’re trying to do, infusing gummies with live resin of strains like Wedding Cake and Blueberry Dream, and I find them consistently tasty, even if I don’t 100% feel the differences from strain to strain. That said, despite their tagline of “Novices need not apply,” I think they’re a great option for casual to mid-level consumers looking for a tried and true product that’s a significant notch up from most other stuff on the market. -DW

Fungi Art

If you missed the New York Mycological Society’s Fungus Festival last October (or are counting the days until this year’s), mark your calendar for an upcoming hands-on art workshop on Saturday, May 20th. Art teacher and NYMS member Lindsay Robbins will be leading the free, all-ages event, so go relax, get creative, and mingle with fellow fungi fans. The illustrations and artwork created will even be included in a community zine and flyers at the next Fungus Festival! -PR

Tia Lupita Cactus Tortilla Chips

I’m a little late to the cactus game. How do I know that? Because I first saw these delicious tortilla chips on Shark Tank, a fact I’m not ashamed to admit publicly, but also one that means this is not a cutting-edge recommendation. Anyway, because I’ll try any new chip that can successfully deliver guacamole to my mouth, I ordered a couple of bags from Tia Lupita and they disappeared in a matter of days (not all my doing, I might add). They are a delicious and somewhat healthier alternative to corn, and now a pantry staple. -DW