Cosmic Couch

Plus #Scandoval, skin salvation, and a Scottish steakhouse.

MAY 20TH, 2023

Cosmic View

Earlier this week, a friend asked me to recommend a good THC and CBD topical that might help his father who suffers from a painful nerve condition. The question reminded me of two things: first, that there are so few thoughtfully made, effective, and vetted brands out there, and second, Cosmic View is one of them. Founded by former UC Berkeley professor and leading international cancer researcher Christine Skibola and her daughter, Nicole, Cosmic View turns out truly spectacular small-batch products. I suggested he try to get his hands on their Deep Down salve, but I also texted two other knowledgeable friends in the industry to ask for their recs, both of whom immediately responded with Cosmic View, too. This one isn’t just High Praise from me, but from them, as well. -VvP

Brentwood Home Play Couch

Did I ever think I’d be ordering something from a company called Brentwood Home? No. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’re aware of Nugget, a company likened to “Supreme for moms.” And if you’re not aware of the absurd world of kids’ furniture, the Nugget is basically a modular couch made up of soft-but-firm blocks covered in aesthetically pleasing colored fabric. Have I lost you yet? No? Good. So, like all great things, once the Nugget got popular, it got a lot of competition. There are all sorts of companies selling similar modular couches now, but Brentwood Home is the only one I’m aware of that innovated in a green direction(and I don’t just mean the color, though it is a lovely green). Now, here’s the thing: the majority of people who’ve come over and subsequently ordered their own are not actually parents. Like Disney adults, they’re just people who happen to love something meant for kids. A couple got it for their offices, while another put it under a lofted bed at home. So I guess my point is that this is a great product for anyone, whether you want to build forts with it or just have something comfy to lie on while smoking a joint. -DW

Women's History Museum

I’m taking a leap of personal growth to not gatekeep by plugging this before I’ve had the chance to pillage it myself. A new vintage spot has opened on the Lower East Side, and while you may think the neighborhood may have already hit its capacity on such stores, Women’s History Museum is actually full of rare and unusual pieces from designers like Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Tomoki Yurita. I stopped by their exhibition and pop-up, The Massive Disposal of Experience, at Company Gallery last summer, and spent hours going through their racks. Go soon before pieces fly away! -PR

“Inside How Vanderpump Rules Captured the #Scandoval”

I honestly can’t believe I’ve managed to restrain myself for this long from putting something #Scandoval-related in High Praise. In honor of the Vanderpump Rules finale, which aired this past week, and the upcoming three-part reunion episodes, I’m sharing Variety’s inside scoop on how Bravo captured the story that rocked reality TV—five months after filming had stopped. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s okay, because you can just read this article. And if you have every idea what I’m talking about, then you absolutely need to read this article, if only to tide you over until Wednesday. -VvP

In My Bag at Cierra Britton Gallery

Newly opened at the Cierra Britton Gallery, In My Bag is a group showthat explores the “artistry and alchemy of Black femme wellness” through the work of nine multidisciplinary creators. The exhibition is co-curated by artist Jewel Ham, whom you might also be familiar with from the launch of her JewelOG strain at Gorilla Rx in April (and whose founder, Kika Keith, was featured in the last volume of the magazine). Make sure to check this one out. -DW

Balgove Larder

Considering our range of U.K.-based stockists, I’m willing to bet that we have a Scottish reader or two out there. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a recommendation should you ever find yourself in the “Kingdom of Fife.” I returned to my grandmother’s hometown of St. Andrews this past weekend, which also meant I had the joy of another visit to the Balgove Larder. Part general store, part cafe, part steakhouse, they have an array of grocery and home goodies that would rival any bougie shop you might come across on a weekend in upstate New York, and their seasonal menu is a perfect taste of fresh local ingredients. I visited years ago and have thought of their goat cheese salad ever since. Stop by for a perfect meal, or to stock up ahead of a picnic out on the coast—you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone. -PR


At one point during the pandemic, I got super into playing GeoGuessr. Not as into it as this guy, but for a brief window during lockdown, it was my nightly game. Recently, I came across a kind of hyper specific version just for New York City subway stops. While not as expansive or, at times, beautiful as the original version, NYCGuessr is a quick way to test your local knowledge (or an unnecessary way to cram for a visit). -DW