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Black Sesame Edibles

Plus Kindling, ceramic tamagotchis, and Lambrusco.
MAY 27TH, 2023


Black Sesame Pineapple Delights by Natasha Pickowicz x Rose Los Angeles

Natasha Pickowicz, whom you might remember from this Conversation and our second collaboration with Rose Los Angeles, has teamed up with the edibles brand for a redux. In honor of her new cookbook, More Than Cake, and one of her more iconic recipes, Black Sesame Layer Cake, Natasha whipped up a batch of Black Sesame Pineapple Delights. Infused with Special Sauce CBD flower rosin from Sonoma Hills Farm, these are available on the Rose site and ship nationwide. While we love a sequel, Rose’s full line of THC-infused Delights are also now available in NYC. Head to Gotham and say we sent you. -VvP

Ceramic Tamagotchi

I don’t know exactly where I first came across artist Karen Thürler, but her ceramic collection of trinket shelves, hand painted hair clips, and carefully sculpted tamagotchis are an absolute delight in my feed. Lucky for you (and for me, since I have my eyes on a harlequin bunny figurine), she’s just announced a new drop for today, May 27th. I’d advise you to move quickly, since her last release went fast. -PR


So, we recently won an ADC Award for best publication design (please clap), which we’re super proud of. It’s a really nice feeling to be recognized by our creative peers. However, me being me, I couldn’t help but want to take a deeper look at the magazine who picked up gold in our category, Kindling. An offshoot of Kinfolk, Kindling is, in their words, a “magazine for people with children,” a demo I happen to fall into. So I ordered a set of all three of their issues to see what the fuss is about and, yeah, I get it. It’s got the design-y roots of Kinfolk, but feels much less austere and more playful and free. Pages pop with color and the topics are often fun takes on childhood concerns (camp, canoes, siblings) and sensitive pieces on adulthood ones (orphanages, miscarriages, how to care for your kids and your aging parents). So, even though they “beat” us this year, I wholly endorse picking up a copy. -DW

Ruby x Public Records Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Lambrusco

Sparkly and juicy, this new release from Ruby and Brooklyn’s own Public Records is about to be a mainstay in my fridge this summer. It’s like grape juice, but for adults (that’s also not wine). Cheers! -VvP

“What Makes a Garden a Work of Art? Piet Oudolf Explains.”

I was recently talking to someone upstate about a problem I wish I had: what to do with all their land. They, like many people, bought a home outside of New York during the pandemic and only recently came to the realization that they bit off more than they can chew, or at least can afford to mow. Not knowing much about being a land baron, I asked what I figured was probably a stupid question: Why not just let it grow? To my mind, manicured lawns seem so unnecessary. I get the general arguments, like that short grass better staves off ticks, but to me, creating a purposefully wild patch of earth seems more in keeping with the idea of moving upstate than trying to impose order on the land. My friend looked at me like the landless rube I am and pretty swiftly changed topics, but I’m putting this interview with Piet Oudolf in the newsletter with the hopes that they (you know who you are) will read it and maybe get a little inspiration from it. -DW

Bonnie Lucas at ILY2 Gallery

In a sea of content, it’s rare that an IG post ever actually stops me in my tracks, but I was reminded of that refreshing feeling thanks to this photograph above by artist Bonnie Lucas. For our Portland-based readers, today is the last day to catch this work and more of her beautifully crafted and evocative assemblage pieces in her mini-retrospective, Bonnie Lucas 1978-2023, at ILY2 Gallery. And if you can’t make it IRL, check out Editorial Magazine’s feature on the show :) -PR