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FEBRUARY 11, 2023


I was introduced to this California-based cultivator by one of the founders of Rose, who uses Royal Key flower for some of their Delights. Yesterday evening, I helped myself to a couple hits of one of their pre-rolls before heading out on a sunset stroll and I’m here to share the good news: Royal Key’s Riddles is the goldilocks of weed strains. It’s elevating but not anxiety inducing, relaxing without leaving you sluggish, and offers the kind of potent but clear-as-a-bell high I dream about. Later that evening, I found myself singing along to Zach Bryan’s rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” while tending to a pot of Amatriciana sauce (reply to this email if you want the recipe), and as far as I’m concerned, that song could have been written about Riddles. —VvP


The New York City Ballet, whose ‘22/‘23 season opened September 20th, just celebrated its 10th Fall Fashion Gala. The event also premiered choreographer Gianna Reisen’s new piece Play Time, which is part of the NYCB II program and features an original soundtrack by Solange Knowles, as well as costumes designed by Alejandro Gómez Palomo of Palomo Spain (whose collections I’ve adoringly followed for years). In other words, my dream. I just grabbed tickets, but they’re going fast—you can find them here. —PR


When I came across a video of the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park while on a stoned scroll through TikTok, I immediately thought, I can’t be that high, right? Swirling around in a giant iridescent fiberglass fish illuminated with LED lights meant to mimic deep sea bioluminescence is now at the top of my list of rainy day activities for the weekend. (It’s also a perfect spot to microdose.) -PR


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