33 Things To Buy

A round up of Gossamer-approved gift ideas from some of our favorite Conversation guests.

Anything from Sophie Lou Jacobsen. Her pieces fit so seamlessly into everyday life. We look forward to using her ripple glasses both at home and at our studio, for special guests or just for us.

-Alex Proba, founder of Proba Home

Trust me on this one: sending mushrooms is the new sending flowers. Just spray water on this Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit by North Spore every day for a week or two and your mushrooms will be ready to eat! I’m giving this to everyone on my list: chefs, hikers, and friends’ kids, too!

-Sue Williamson, founder of Herbs for Relaxation

Candle No.04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie makes our home smell amazing and it gives off scent even when it’s not lit. It’s a smell I never get sick of!

-Sarah Nsikak, creative director La Reunion Studio

For a really beautiful, quirky art piece, we always love Jaye Kim. I would feel proud to gift this watermelon to anyone who appreciates beauty.

-Imelda Walavalkar, CEO and co-founder of Pure Beauty

A cute little get stoned and get cozy at home gift this season is my friend Jason Schreiber’s annual Let’s Stay Home and Build a House zine. Jason has made wedding cakes for Martha Stewart for years. He’s the only person I know who has the unique set of skills and talents required to make a set of architecturally accurate blueprints along with detailed decorating directions and recipes that really work to pull off this picturesque holiday house. It’s the perfect little stocking stuffer and even if your house doesn’t turn out exactly like the photos, you’ll have a lot of laughs along the way.

I’d also recommend the Orba 2, if you’re looking for something less stocking stuffer-y. My partner Ben and I haven’t been able to put these down since we bought them. It’s the power of a simple synth, a drum machine, and more, all in a little gesture-based device that can fit in your pocket! It connects to headphones or speakers via bluetooth as well, so it’s great for subway rides, plane trips, or tuning out your family during the holidays.

-Jess Damuck, chef and author of Salad Freak

Haulier’s Utility Tote in Neutral, wallets from Paul Smith, and the new Nintendo Switch.

-Albert Hammond Jr, musician and founder of Jetway

Give the gift of a low carbon footprint diet for the Winter Season and feed a family in need with every bag you pick up for the season. One Love Community Fridge is hosting a Community CSA program in collaboration with Food with Fam at Prima in Brooklyn. For $300 you can gift your friend and their family a winter season of fresh food winter CSA.

-Tara Thomas, chef and founder of Breaking Bread NYC

Pretty in pearl! I’m a forever fan of a themed gift. May I suggest a pearl lighter paired with a pearl charm necklace?

-Jess Hannah Révész, founder of J. Hannah

I love the “Baby Won’t You Light Me Up?” match holder by DADA for a utilitarian color pop in a bathroom or on your coffee table. If you’re feeling generous, pair it with their “Baby Won’t You Hold My Butt”ashtray.

I also love Assouline’s Travel Series photography books, particularly Capri Dolce Vita and Miami Beach. They help me escape without leaving my couch, and provides a great gift for a travel buddy.

-Alex Capano, Science Advisor at Gossamer

Heath Ceramics is a Bay Area institution, demonstrating the handmade craftsmanship that goes into ceramics while approaching design with a thoughtfully modern yet timeless lens. To honor the environmental sustainability values that course through the veins of NorCal, I am gifting my friends and family with an analog, upcycled moment that reminds us of the wabi sabi of life.

-Sonya Yu, founder of Four One Nine and MYLES

Do you want to positively affect social equity and help marginalized groups disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs create and maintain ownership in the cannabis industry? I recommend donating to 501(c)(3) non-profit like This Is Our Dream’s accelerator program, Our Academy: an inclusive, digital cannabis space of workshops, mentorship, and a resource group. Check their site for the release date of their evergreen online courses and New York State initiatives!

-Tess Taylor, founder of Saucy

Everyday Oil has been my absolute savior this winter. I have a bottle in every room and I’m constantly slathering it over my dry hands. The smell is superb and it is a wonderful women-led small business.

-Jenny Wichman, founder of Yew Yew Shop

The must-have product I’ve been raving about recently is this weighted blanket. It’s a cozy season necessity in my book and like giving the gift of a warm long lasting hug.

-Kenisha White, co-founder of Rage & Release

Cheese of the Month Subscription from Murray’s. I feel like the joys of this gift are self-explanatory, but I will delight in telling you about the experience. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month a new package arrives to elevate the contents of your fridge. Then you have a choice: invite friends over for a sophisticated cheese soiree, or get high, eat cheese, and watch Bravo. There are no wrong answers.

-Brett Heyman, founder of Edie Parker Flower

I recently discovered the beautiful Tulip stash box and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It’s like a tackle box for your weed. The modern and minimal design makes this a perfect item to store on an open shelf in your credenza or side table. With multiple configuration options, Tulip is a great gift for loved ones who are meticulously organized stoners.

-Valarie Sakota, co-founder of Barbari

My favorite shirts are from Banzo, a Mexican brand that upcycles old shirts into super cute designs. Or plant-based skincare from Rowse!

-Pia Riverola, photographer

This might seem like a strange gift but gifts are supposed to delight! Every person who sees my Masontops lids is instantly delighted, and orders a set for themselves, so I’ve started buying them as stocking stuffers. As a sustainable household, mason jars are part of our world and the rusting lids have been the bane of our existence—until I found these cute B.P.A. and phthalate-free, dishwasher-safe lids. You’re welcome.

-Julia Jacobson, co-founder of Aster Farms

High Priestess’ Focus Hemp Flower Herbal Smoke Blend and a “Black Women Get Us Higher” hoodie in the Lakers colorway by Gorilla RX Wellness.

-Selah Say, DJ and cannabis entrepreneur


I love loose leaf tea, but figuring out how to steep it on the go has been an issue. The Bottom Dispensing Teapot with a strainer for loose leaf tea is a perfect solution! You can even add your own herbals :)

-Jess Jackson, Director of Social Equity and External Affairs at Common Citizen

A glow-in-the-dark basketball.

-Paperboy Prince, activist and artist

I am a huge fan of Jasmine Mans and her brand Buy Weed From Women. Her pieces are a statement in support of and a testament to the fierce community of women entrepreneurs in the industry. They look amazing and are also a rallying call for consumers to make their dollars count when it comes to buying from women-owned companies, making sure they stay in the spotlight.

-Shanel Lindsay, founder of Ardent

Who doesn’t love a fresh new leather bag? Aside from its beauty, the Ashya x T.A. Slingback Bag in Trilogy is also practical—which makes for a fantastic gift. Big enough to fit your iPad, lip gloss, wallet, and keys without feeling like you’re lugging the house around.

-Telsha Anderson, founder of T.A.

This iconic cookie set from Té Company.

-Natasha Li Pickowicz, chef

It’s true, dear readers of Gossamer: there are cones out there that you just let burn. And that’s it. And they smell great. Weird, right?

Also, these hand dyed socks from Sei Shop out of Seattle are so cute I feel guilty shoving my crusty gnarled dogs in them. Lipstick, meet pig.

-James Harris, co-creator of Throwing Fits