The Gossamer 2021 Gift Guide

In case you haven't found quite what you're looking for.


Pater Mateos Scented Matches

With elegant Yves Klein blue-dipped heads and an apothecarium-inspired box, these matches are a bergamot, lemon, and musk-scented elevation of the classic bathroom staple. An ideal gift for your friend with a collection of trendy candles they still light with the Bic they’ve had since high school (no shame, it’s all about having options), or any Taurus you know. -

Doublekoek Doggy Style Calendar

I look forward to Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s animal calendars every year, mostly wondering how the Berlin-based photographer will top any of his previous installments—all of which are known to sell out. This year’s calendar, the playfully named Doggystyle 2022, features, well, dogs with style. Can we bring physical calendars back, please? I’m sick of looking at my phone. (And probably everyone else you know is, too.) -VvP

Pure Beauty Menthols

There’s nothing that would make me happier than finding a pack of Pure Beauty in my stocking—except, perhaps, their new Pure Beauty Menthol joints. Featuring a hollow tree-pulp crutch infused with organic mint-derived menthol and Pure Beauty’s Cookie Cake flower, these joints are just deliciously smooth to smoke and give you that minty fresh feeling. Also, did you know menthol is a natural cough suppressant? Ugh, how fun. -VvP

Spliff Cases

I only recently learned cigarette cases even existed when my friend pulled out a ‘90s Christian Dior box her girlfriend had gifted her (it looked similar to this). Perfectly frivolous and charming, it’s exactly the type of thing no one thinks to buy for themselves. The Real Real currently has a good collection of vintage Louis Vuitton, as well as this newer one from Saint Laurent. Here are a couple more I’ve found browsing: an extravagant German Art Deco design which comes in multiple colors, one to accompany your House of Gucci cosplay, and this blue Fendi number. -PR

WeedSport Eco-Bundle

I don’t know if you’ve heard but tennis is kind of a big thing these days. Give something a little less on the nose to the newfound aficionado in your life with WeedSport’s Eco Bundle, featuring their cult favorite Total Body CBD Stick (now plastic-free!) and a compostable bag of Dunk Zero Bath Soak. Pair it with a three-sleeve of Wilson’s sustainably packaged Triniti balls (if you can find them; they’ve been selling out quick) and you’ve got a guaranteed hit. -VvP

Edie Parker Flower Fruit Pipes

These fruit pipes from Flower by Edie Parker, known for their rolling papers, stash boxes, and other smoking accessories, are an darling upgrade to whatever old piece your sibling, parent, or friend has been using. Speaking as someone who once crafted a pipe out of an actual pear in a moment of desperation, this is the chicest version of the fruit pipe I’ve seen to date. I personally have an eye on the Cherry one for my sister, and also love the Banana—both of which would blend into your fruit bowl or fit in on the most curated of bookshelves. -PR

Strange Paradise Slides

Minimalist and luxe pebbled leather slides that look good with literally everything (socks, dresses, shorts, jeans, PJs, a totally thrashed pair of vintage coveralls—you get it), are unisex, handmade in Italy, and clock in at $87? Find me a more universal gift and I’ll give you mine. (Don’t actually do that though because I love them too much.) -VvP

Janie Korn Candles

If the “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” PSA from the ‘90s was a candle, it would be this one. It’s worth a scroll through artist Janie Korn’s whole collection to see what catches your eye. You might like her iterationsof those seemingly ubiquitous strawberry candies, or maybe these adorable little mice. She also does custom portrait candles (human and animal alike). -PR

Speckled Titanium Bong from Dangle Supply

I’ve always liked smoking from bongs, but have held off on purchasing. It feels like a lot of commitment for what is often a bulky piece of fragile glassware that doesn't really travel well. The DangleBong from Dangle Supply solves just this problem. Made of medical grade titanium and standing at a very reasonable 7” tall, it’s “virtually indestructible,” which makes it the perfect portable bong—it even comes with a rubber cap to seal the top for taking it on the go. I’m especially into their blue speckle edition, which would match my growing enamelware collection—another timeless gift. -PR

Good Vodka

Look, there are a lot of options when it comes to gifting spirits: a bottle (or case!) of the wine you shared on your first date, an under-the-radar Japanese whisky for the more experienced connoisseur, a fancy cognac and pair of glasses for your uncle who is looking to level up his bar. But none of those offer the same feel-good bonus as a bottle of Good Vodka, which is effectively carbon negative (you can read more about the overall wastefulness of the alcohol industry, as well as their specific process here) and distilled entirely from discarded coffee fruit. Plus, every bar needs vodka. You can’t lose. -VvP

Back Issues of High Times

Browsing eBay is one of my favorite pastimes. In a way, this recommendation is also a gift to yourself, as you get to spend time exploring the insane things that people around the world are selling. I love gifting vintage or rare magazine issues—like Lui, which has some gorgeous and artful old covers—because of how you can tailor your choice to the recipient, whether by cover subject or in matching a birthday to a pub date. I may have been born a little too late for a High Times subscription, but have been obsessed with their past covers since I came across the November 1994 issue starring Mila Jovovich, (the header: WOMEN ON POT, and featuring interviews with both Camille Paglia and Da Brat). You can find a nice selection on eBay, Etsy, and different auction sites. A few other fun ones include Frances McDormand, Blondie, and Madonna and Rosanna Arquette on a press tour for Desperately Seeking Susan. -PR

The Jug by Summerland

Can you tell we like bongs over here at Gossamer? Convert a friend with Summerland’s new water-filtered hand pipe (a.k.a. bubbler) in Terracotta or Bone porcelain. Smaller than a bong (except for maybe the Dangle Supply one recommended above), just as effective, and pretty nice to look at, too. -VvP

Snack Boxes

I couldn’t decide which of these craveable snack boxes I liked more, so I decided to just include all three. Go with Westbourne’s Super Snackable for the person who likes healthy-ish but seriously delicious things—I’m working my way through a bowl of their Togarashi Crunch as I type this—and values a zero-waste approach. Or Ghia’s Le Works box for a sweet-tooth with exceptionally good taste. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out Pop-Up Grocer’s Chill Box for your favorite stoner who also shops at Erewhon. On that note, I’m starving. -VvP

Lucky Jewel Holiday Bazaar

December 16th through 19th, retail collective Lucky Jewel (instagram bio: “shopping is a feeling”) is holding a holiday bazaar at 22 Ludlow in collaboration with Heaven I Stay, a new designer vintage platform. I visited Lucky Jewel’s immersive shopping installation last summer and it was easily one of the most compelling retail experiences I had all year. I’d definitely recommend swinging by for an exquisitely curated mix of clothing, art, and objects. -PR