Kickie Chudikova

The designer on the perfect public bench, Soviet-era objects, and creating The Nesting Set.


I grew up in Bratislava, in Slovakia. I feel like wherever you grow up very much influences your thinking, your style, and how you approach life.

I love Bratislava. We lived in an old house that my parents moved into in the ‘70s. They bought it from a painter who had painted the walls dark blue, dark red—all different colors. They toned it down a little bit and furnished it with whatever furniture they could get at the time. And it’s still like that now. So we have a yellow kitchen with a green bench and a floral floor and then all these Soviet-era design objects that are still functioning. It’s really fascinating. My mom never wanted to change it, so I’m used to seeing crazy colors. It’s very normal to me.


I’m a very positive person, in general, and mushrooms make me even happier.



A lot of public furniture is so regulated. Everything has to be straight lines. I wanted to do something totally opposite to that.