Esther Perel

The famed psychotherapist on the importance of language, the efficacy of play, and the role of plant medicine in relationships.


This Conversation is featured in Gossamer Volume Seven: Touch, which you can order here.

Officially, I am a psychotherapist, primarily a systemic couples and family therapist. I’m also an author, a speaker, and a podcaster.

But if I go to a second level, I would say I am a connector. I’m a relationship philosopher, or some people refer to me as such, and I’m deeply interested in the intersection between culture and mental health. I’m a traveler. I am voraciously curious. And I think that one of the pieces that really defines me is that I’m multilingual. The fact that I speak nine languages facilitates my curiosity, and my traveler spirit.


At the moment when you have the most freedom, people are craving certainty.