A Spliff Drink

Are cannabis cocktails worth the buzz?


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I come from a long line of “It’s six o’clock, where’s my giant tumbler of vodka?” people. Now, I enjoy drinking, it’s fun, but I really believe the more moderate one can be about it the better, because, let’s face it, alcohol is poison. To get witchy for a second, poison isn’t all bad but you probably don’t want to take too much of it. Alcohol is not an intimacy-cultivating habit. It also makes you eat too much and makes you look old, and I am already old. I don’t need more old.

Just because I think alcohol is poison and encourages reckless overconsumption of dinner and rapid aging doesn’t necessarily mean I’m ready to jump on the “weed is medicine” train. I live smack dab in the middle of “weed is medicine” country and while I did with my very own eyes see my friend cure her border collie’s cancer with cannabis poultices, I am of the opinion that mostly what pot does is make people stoned. For some, being stoned is glorious. For me, historically at least, it means racing thoughts, anxiety, and a sort of panicked fog. It’s absolutely nothing like the ahh, that’s better feeling that a drink gives me.