Kenisha White

The Rage & Release co-founder on running while high, culinary matchmaking, and the power of mushrooms.


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I really believe cannabis changes you. It enhances you, or shows you you.

My experiences with cannabis started in college. I had been exposed to it earlier because there was growing, smoking, and selling around me, but I was removed from it. I just knew it was happening. I only started smoking when I moved to Charlotte. That’s where I was exposed to it as a fun, “I’m going to a Lil Wayne concert”-experience.

But it really became medicinal for me. To be transparent, at the time I was taking anxiety and ADD medication. I didn’t like medicine. I’ve always been kind of anti-pharmaceutical, but when I started smoking, I was like,Well, this is nice.It never put me down. So it became my anxiety medication, really. And the more familiar I got with the plant, the more my relationship with it grew. It became recreational, and a creative, productive part of my day. I really believe cannabis changes you. It enhances you, or shows you you.


Moving to Brooklyn was completely random. I came to do a gig for three days and then I just didn’t leave.



There’s a moment in every experience for the plant to be present.



The pandemic was kind to us, in a way, and a time for us to really rise up and offer more of what we do, but a little bolder.