Katja Blichfeld

The co-creator of High Maintenance on burning bridges, bonding through weed, and leaving lives behind.


Since I got a career—since my late 20s or whatever—I feel like my tendency has been to describe myself with what I do for a living. I’ve become really aware of this in recent years. But that’s not how I look at people, so I’m always careful to ask questions like, “How do you spend your time?” instead of “What do you do?” I find myself very often defined by my work, but I don’t want to assume that everyone else is defined by theirs. I certainly wasn’t for a long time.

That was a long preamble to say: I’m a Brooklynite, and while I always want to call myself a filmmaker, I’m really a TV maker.


I love unrealized potential. I love meeting people, seeing something in them, maybe seeing that they're not doing the thing they could be doing that they would be good at.